Seriously Impressive Small House Designs By Hobbitat

Western Maryland is a little off the beaten track – the setting for The Blair Witch Project, after all – but it turns out to have both a high-end tiny house builder and its very own tiny house resort. The two are closely linked: Hobbitat built all thirteen of the tiny cabins available at Blue Moon Rising. That order represented a good two years’ work for Hobbitat owners Bill and Sue Thomas and let them establish an indoor shop where they continue to build small houses in the 225- to 750-square-foot range. For one reason or another, you may not be interested in one of their finished models – prices start at $85,000 and they only build in Garret County, MD – but they also make less expensive shells (from $15,000) that can be delivered nationwide. And if you want to try before you buy, the baker’s dozen at Blue Moon Rising go for just $249 a night double occupancy. Meanwhile, a flick of your finger to the photos below is all it takes to check out two of our favorites, the Bella Donna and the Luna Bleu. Both showcase Hobbitat’s comfortably luxurious interiors and clever combination of reclaimed materials with environmentally friendly new products such as Marmoleum natural linoleum and TimberTech composite decking.

Bella Donna 1

Bella Donna 2

Bella Donna 3

Luna Bleu 1

Luna Bleu 2

Luna Bleu 3

Images © Hobbitat Spaces h/t Tiny House Talk

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