Brevard Tiny House Company’s New Build – The Chickadee

Brevard recently reached out to us to share their newest build, the Chickadee. Brevard’s tiny houses have always been well-built, reasonably priced and highly livable. Their latest shows that the still young Asheville area company is getting more polished as it gains experience. The 8×24 THOW has light wood flooring and white walls for a bright, modern look with no rough edges. Multicolored butcher block counter tops and removable puppy steps on the main staircase give it a little personality as well. There’s also an incredible amount of storage space, with a ladder-accessible second loft and cabinets, drawers and pullout shelves everywhere you look. The Chickadee includes a refrigerator and oven with four-burner stove in the kitchen and a toilet, sink, washer/dryer unit and bathtub in the bathroom. It’s priced at just $55,300 completely finished.


Chickadee 2
Chickadee 3
Chickadee 5
Chickadee 1
Chickadee 4

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