Budget-Minded Home Looks Like An Upside Down Boat

London-based designer Ryan Frank specializes in furniture and home accessories, not houses, so when he needed to come up with plans for a tiny house for an environmentally sensitive site he turned to the Internet. Ironically, the open-source plans he settled on weren’t drawn up by a homebuilder either – as you can probably guess from the photos, they were authored by a boat builder who decided to stick with what he knew when creating a land-based home. The entirely yacht-like structural members are clad in sheep’s wool insulation covered by weatherproof canvas, a combination which makes the house both warm and breathable without the need for auxiliary heating and ventilation systems. That fits in perfectly with Ryan’s own design philosophy – he’s won awards for sustainability and environmentally conscious practices – and it also kept costs and build time to a minimum: the house took only about 100 man-hours and £1,000 ($1,545) to finish.




h/t Tiny House Living

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