Build Tiny’s Millennial rolls doubles with two incredibly useful innovations

Here’s a new THOW from New Zealand that has all the standard features – kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft – a lot of the nice-to-have ones – full-size appliances, washer/dryer – and a couple of very useful, very unique ones.

Build Tiny’s Millennial prototype has big glass doors facing each other across the midsection, plus plenty of double glazed windows on either side of them, so it’s going to be light-filled in any season and pleasantly breezy in the summer when opened up to take advantage of the cross ventilation. The clean, modern interior design will have widespread appeal, and the amount of storage space is truly admirable for such an uncluttered 24-foot house.

A lot of that storage is underfloor and in well-placed cabinets, but a lot of it comes from one of the really innovative bits of the Millennial. The stairs to the king size sleeping loft pull out from a set of cabinets that forms the bathroom wall, meaning that there’s storage space both above and below them. Basically, that’s twice as much volume as conventional storage stairs!

The Millennial’s other original feature, a fully functional home office in the secondary loft, may be even more useful. Some tiny houses have built-in office space, but it’s often an afterthought, a cramped desk area that’s not particularly convenient either for the worker or anyone who’s sharing the house with them. Build Tiny has definitely solved that problem; see the photos to see how they did it, then watch the video tour for more.

Here you see the only bad thing about the office loft: access. You have to climb over the kitchen counter and up the wall-mounted ladder to get to it.

Once you’re up there, though, you have privacy, a spacious desk, and a window to look out of. But do you have to sit in Lotus position?

No – just like in a Japanese restaurant, your legs drop down, in this case to rest on the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Slide out the stairs…

…and up you go, right over the coffee table.

There’s no tub, and just a basic composting toilet, but you get extra cabinet space thanks to those stairs and extra headroom thanks to a drop floor.

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