Camphouse Aero: cozy comfort in a small package for a nice price

This charming little arched-roof THOW is called the Aero, and it’s the first of several projects in the pipeline for new tiny house company Camphouse. The others, a sequel called the Aero 2, a more conventional THOW named Happy, and the angular Shark, haven’t been built yet, but the original Aero is certainly impressive enough to leave us wanting more from this outfit.

It really is small, even for a THOW – just 20 feet long and 155 square feet in area – but thanks to that curve in the roof and some very sensible interior design you don’t really notice that. The living room turns into the kitchen pretty quickly, but what you notice is a high ceiling and a comfy couch. The kitchen hasn’t much counter space and makes do with mini appliances, but the curved ladder to the high loft leaves it feeling open and more cozy than cramped. The bathroom is definitely tight, but fitting the toilet into one corner has left room for not only a sink and shower but also a washer/dryer. And a loft-level extension to the rear of the Aero allows space for a private master bedroom as well as an exposed guest/kids’ sleeping area over the kitchen cabinets. The finish work looks very homey too, mostly natural wood with a couple of accent walls to give the house some easy individual character.

Now, with all that and an asking price of just $35,000, there’s got to be a catch, right? Well, based on our readership statistics, there is for most of you: the Aero is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. But if you happen to be in that neck of the woods and in the market, this looks like it’d be well worth checking out. (And if you happen to be a fan of Bulgarian tiny houses, check out our article on Hristina Hristova’s Koleliba.)





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