A simple reclaimed wood THOW for sale in Colorado

This short and simple reclaimed barn wood cabin is for sale in Cedaredge, Colorado, for $26,000. It’s custom built on a 20-foot double-axle PJ Trailer, but an entry porch and bathroom dividing the space at the rear take up a few feet of that length. Still, the main interior area is all open and there isn’t a whole lot inside, so the place doesn’t look cramped, at least without furniture. You’d have room for a couch and coffee table towards the front and a bed up in the loft. The kitchenette comes with a ¾ fridge, washtub sink, microwave and maybe enough counter space for a cooktop if you want one. The bathroom is sink-less, but includes an RV-style toilet with a holding tank. The shower stall is galvanized tin just like the roof. Nothing fancy here, but if you’re looking to live simply this is a nice little place at a price that’s far from exorbitant.




cedaredge-tiny-cabin-4 cedaredge-tiny-cabin-5


h/t Tiny House Talk

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