Charming Seaside Bungalow Prefab Sacrifices Nothing In Terms Of Quality

R. McAllister “Mac” Lloyd, a veteran Maine builder and designer, has a new company focusing on stylish prefab tiny houses. The Oceanside Retreat is the third that Creative Cottages, LLC has put together in their Brunswick factory. Aside from the elegant stone-and-tile bathroom and the loft, it’s basically a one-room place with the full kitchen, living area and bedroom all clustered together around a natural stone gas fireplace. Finish work both inside and outside is executed to a level every bit as high as you’d find in a multimillion dollar mansion, something that Mac says is made easier by factory building. Reduced time on site also means less fuel used in transportation and less local environmental impact from the construction, he adds.



Charming-Tiny-Bungalow-Creative-Cottages-005 Charming-Tiny-Bungalow-Creative-Cottages-004-600x439



Charming-Tiny-Bungalow-Creative-Cottages-001h/t Tiny House Talk

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