Can You Build A House In A Day? This Company Thinks so.

At first glance it may look like Michigan builder Craven Construction has gotten things, if not backwards, at least upside down. Isn’t that corrugated sheet metal supposed to go on top of the shed? Actually, the roof’s metal too, and this isn’t a shed at all – it’s a prefab cottage that uses the sloped roof to add ceiling height and let more sunlight inside. (That last being an especially important consideration in a state ranked 44th in the nation for average annual sunshine.)

House In A Day 6

House In A Day 1

House In A Day 2

House In A Day 3

House In A Day 4

House In A Day 5

h/t Tiny House Talk

Craven has quite a range of these things, from 182 up to 750 square feet with a lot of models and options in between. They’re built from structural insulated panels and can be set up on low-impact concrete pier foundations. And set up pretty quickly: Craven does so much of the work at its Traverse City shop that it only takes a day to put them together once the components reach location. They feature bamboo floors and natural wood wall finishes, and all but the smallest include kitchen and bathroom facilities.

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