The best little house in… to be determined

Cody and Randi Hennigan’s interest in sustainable living grew with their garden, which eventually expanded to cover their entire yard. To make the transition from gardening to farming they needed even more growing space – and, they realized, less residential space. They spent 2015 building a 170-square-foot THOW they call The Best Little House in Texas. But a name change may be in order. After exhibiting it at the Earth Day Texas Tiny House Village in April 2016, the Hennigans are going to be on the road for a while, with the ultimate goal of settling down on a nice piece of agricultural land somewhere in Oregon or Washington State. Wherever it ends up, the Best Little House is a cozy, personal place, with individualized touches like an L-shaped Ikea sofa and a record player with a box of vintage LPs underneath it. The build, accomplished by Cody and Randi with advice from consultant Don Ferrier of Ferrier Custom Homes, includes modern elements like structural insulated panels and Fibrex® composite windows, a classic standing seam metal roof over 105 drop siding, and a number of reclaimed and salvaged materials that add atmosphere to the interior.

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2018 update: The Hennigans did end up in Oregon, celebrating a year there in October 2017. They’re still living in The Best Little House in Texas, though!

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