This Dazzling Treehouse Was Made To Look Like A Spyglass

Sometimes the only reason you need to build something cool is one hell of a view. A majestic view of New York’s storied Hudson River Valley and a bit of creative inspiration was all it took for Germany-based Baumraum to design this tiny house, which appropriately mimics the form of a spyglass. A family with two small children makes claim to this one-of-a-kind vacation home. The interior is small but flexible, providing just enough space to frame the view while leaving room to sleep four. And besides, with a huge deck that’s almost the size of the home itself and a view like this one, there’s plenty of reason to relax outside.

The main home is anchored to a pile of large rocks at the rear, and rests on a v-shaped steel frame as it cantilevers over the cliff.

The spindly catwalk that makes way to a vertigo inducing exterior deck reflects every child’s dream to build the perfect tree house.

You can tell this isn’t the first go-round or the German-based company Baumraum. In fact, they have designed some extraordinary treehouses around the world.

Heavy-duty straps support the deck which appears as if it’s growing out of the towering maple tree.

h/t Archdaily

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