MitchCraft started with his own house – 4 beautiful builds later, business is booming

Last year we looked at MitchCraft’s first house (the personal residence of the company’s founder) and loved it so much that we swore we’d keep an eye out for his first commercial build. Well, darn it, we missed it – and the second and the third, apparently – but Mitch has some great photos of the beautifully finished Bookworm and Blue Moon (as well as a unique-looking 20-foot shell) on his gallery page. Before you go look at those, here’s his penultimate build, a 24-foot structural insulated panel (SIP) THOW with a stunningly spacious interior featuring a long, long, fully-featured galley kitchen opposite a living area with an almost equally lengthy sofa along one wall. Two big lofts, storage stairs, and a bathroom with a composting toilet and stainless steel shower stall complete the picture. With design and execution like this, it’s no wonder Mitch is getting orders faster than we can keep up with his output. If you want to see him unveil his very latest, head on over to the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs this weekend.

Dennis MitchCraft 1

Dennis MitchCraft 2

Dennis MitchCraft 3

Dennis MitchCraft 4

Dennis MitchCraft 5

Dennis MitchCraft 6

Dennis MitchCraft 7

Dennis MitchCraft 8

Dennis MitchCraft 9 Dennis MitchCraft 10

h/t Tiny House Talk

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