Heritage Restorations Dry Creek barn restoration

This beautifully restored Waco, Texas, barn belongs to Kevin Durkin, who’s also the founder of the company responsible for the renovation: Heritage Restorations, which has been doing similar projects for nearly twenty years now and has offices in New York, Connecticut, Idaho and Montana as well as Texas.


Kevin spends most of his time in New York, but says he always enjoys staying in the ‘Dry Creek Guest House’ when he’s in town. Large as it looks (if you’re used to looking at THOWs), at just 336 square feet this really does qualify as a tiny house; the ultra-spacious feel is down to its 3:5 width-to-length ratio and 21-foot centerline height. Besides looking big, of course, it looks gorgeous, with full, modern kitchen and bathroom facilities blended beautifully into the reclaimed remainder.







h/t Tiny House Talk

Much of the material was carried over from the original barn, while Heritage Restorations added an antique staircase and salvaged wood flooring from other sources. If you’re ever in the area, Kevin sometimes gives tours of the place – otherwise, enjoy the pictures, and check out our previous article for some of a larger barn that Heritage Restorations transplanted from New York and turned into a home in Texas.

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