The “DublDom” Modular Tiny Home From Russia

Today I wanted to share with you a new modular home produced by a company not far outside Moscow. The company, DublDom, fabricates two variations of the home you see below, one at 280 square feet, and the other at 431 square feet in size. The smaller of the two joins with the larger half to create the second, larger option and they include an optional extended deck that can be covered.


interior-005 (1)

interior-001 (1)

interior-002 (1)

interior-003 (1)

A simple yet pleasing design marks the DublDom, with a gabled roof and one end of the home featuring a large facade of windows that opens to the deck. We aren’t sure how well those windows will insulate the house however, and imagine the Summer heat and Winter cold might not play nicely with that feature. Regardless, the house displays a great design, with an open floor plan, and a bedroom area tucked behind the storage boxes you see. The company delivers these units ready to go, wired for electricity and plumbing. They are only available in Russia for now, but they’ll soon be going into production in the Czech Republic for the European market, and DublDom is actively searching for a US partner who can make them in North America as well. You can learn more at the English-language page on their website,

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