Gorgeous Prefab Goes From Shelf To Installed In One Day

What if you could place an order for a new home as you would a pair or shoes and have it delivered and then installed in one day? Choose your furniture, trim options, and various other materials. That’s the promise of the DublDom, a stylish prefab home made in Russia. It takes around six weeks for delivery and can be assembled in one day. They have several models available in different sizes, and while they are based in Russia, they currently have a special offer for 20% off the first model to be erected in the EU.

The design itself features an open layout with a tall roof, a huge glass facade with a recessed deck, and all the usual appliances you’d expect in an eco-friendly home. to top it all off, the price for the 430-square-foot “DublDom40” comes in at just around 20k, which seems like a very reasonable figure.










While we have many prefab options in the US, few seem to bring this level of style, and we can only wonder who will step in to fill that void next…

To learn more check out http://www.dubldom.ru/index-eng.htm and you can also visit the website of the architect who designed the home: http://www.bio-architects.com/index-eng.htm


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