Rhino Cube Shipping Containers Blend Art With Off-Grid Living

The shipping container tiny homes being produced by Colorado outfit Rhino Cubed stand out from their peers thanks to quirky, artistic paint jobs and sculptural elements that according to their website will make “your friends want to play the banjo on your porch”. Given that description, their designs seem like the perfect luxury accommodation for Burning Man (an ironic notion to be sure), although the inside while utilitarian, does appear more accommodating than you might first expect. Among the company’s values are things like “kick ass design” and the “healing power of nature” so we imagine the buyers have a sort of style and aesthetic that fits right in with that of a typical burner.

Rhino Cube 1




If that’s not enough to put you off, you’re obviously a glutton for punishment, so here’s some more: Rhino Cubed creators Jan Burton and Sam Austin state that convenience and comfort are not primary design goals. Rather, their cubes are intended to reflect their aesthetic sensibilities and further their belief system. For example, they describe one of their models as “the perfect creative space for ideas, art, and words to rest and ferment.” If you like your words fermented alongside your kombucha, this might be the right space for you.

Rhino Cube 3



That level of self-assurance might at least pique your interest in learning more about the Rhino Cubes, if not in purchasing one. However, there’s not a whole lot besides their looks to distinguish them from other shipping container designs.

Rhino Cube 2

Two models are available for purchase, with one named the “NakedTrainer” aimed at the DIY’er and another called the “Decanter” that includes more substantial trim and carpentry. All models are available in 8 by 20, 24 and 40-foot sizes based on 9½-foot tall COR-TEN steel high-cube shipping containers. Prices range from $33,600 to $79,000 depending on the size and options like insulation, wiring, solar panels, kitchen, bathroom and other off-grid living essentials. Yes, the kitchen and bathroom are optional – but a steel rhino horn sculpture is not.

While we admire the unique approach and appreciate the artistic qualities of their designs, the prices will likely throw off many folks, but still they serve as a great example to draw inspiration from and we hope they continue moving forward with their company’s vision.

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