Escape’s Vintage balances livability, portability and price

A new ESCAPE model is always something to look forward to. We’ve loved everything we’ve seen from the Wisconsin company, from their 400-square-foot park model Cabin to the tiny, glass-walled Vista and the uniquely styled Sport. At 25 feet long, the Vintage now joins the Premier and the Traveler in the middle of ESCAPE’s size range, the sweet spot that matches practical portability with enough space for convenient living. And so you get a 10,000-pound tiny house on wheels that contains a private bedroom on the ground floor, as well as a bathroom with a 5-foot bathtub, 5-foot vanity, and an unobtrusive washer/dryer unit. The open middle section combines living, dining and kitchen functions in one area with storage shelves running lengthwise along the high ceiling. The living room part features a sofa across from a wall-mounted flat-screen TV and a fold-out dining table. The kitchenette isn’t one of the most extensive cooking facilities you can find in THOW Land, but it does have the basics like a full-sized refrigerator and sink, two-burner cooktop and microwave oven. Oh, and there’s even a loft, which is a bit small to be a real second bedroom but would do fine for guests or storage. Not half bad, and at $59,800 (with $99 shipping for the first ten buyers in the Lower 48), not a bad price either. Plenty of custom options are available too, including solar.




escape-vintage-4 escape-vintage-5



h/t Tiny House Talk

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