Simply Beautiful In Every Way: The Offgrid Esk’et Tiny House

The unique and well-designed Esk’et Tiny House isn’t just off-grid – it’s never been on-grid! It was built on location in the Esk’etemc First Nations community in the Alkali Lake area of British Columbia, 50 kilometers from the nearest city. Journeyman carpenter Robert Johnson, who’s Esk’etemc himself, notes that the remote site presented a few challenges for the tiny house on wheels he completed with support from his Swiss wife, Bettina. But while scheduling around deliveries and trips into town to buy materials may have added some time, it doesn’t seem to have compromised the result one bit.

Esk’et 1

Esk’et 2

Esk’et 3

Esk’et 4

Esk’et 5

Esk’et 6

h/t Tiny House Talk

The exterior is an eclectic mix of elements that end up going together very well. Aboriginal Canadian carvings and traditional Japanese shou sugi ban charred wood siding blend with expansive windows and curved and barrel roofs over the loft areas. The 280-square-foot interior has a more uniform feel manifested in the modern cool of the sleek fireplace and the spiral ladder leading to one loft. (The Johnsons say it’s actually very easy to get up and down.) A comfortable sofa sits across from the fireplace to create a living area at the rear of the trailer. That’s followed by a galley style kitchenette wherein the butcher block countertop doubles as a dining table for two. Across from that is a second door and towards the front there’s a small bathroom.

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