This Is Not Your Ordinary RV

Here’s a radically different design from the Wisconsin craftsmen who brought us the popular Escape Cabin and the Escape Traveler. Those two had a fairly traditional appearance, with a lot of natural wood, so it’s safe to say that many of their fans will be left cold by the industrial steel-and-particle-board look of the Escape Sport. But people who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, something that’s neither a standard RV nor a typical tiny house on wheels, are going to love this. The 20-foot travel trailer has just 170 square feet of interior area and no dedicated living room, so it might not work as a fulltime home, but it’s got everything you’d need for a very comfortable road trip.

Escape Sport 1

One end can hold two queen-sized beds and the other has a full-width bathroom with a shower and Toto toilet. In the middle there’s a decent kitchenette opposite a dining table/work desk looking out a large window in the side of the trailer. Base price is less than $40,000, and there are a lot of options to be had, including air-con, solar panels, and a composting toilet.

Escape Sport 2

Escape Sport 3

Escape Sport 4

Escape Sport 5

h/t Tiny House Talk

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