A wall garden and three living areas for keeping out the Wisconsin winter

Tiny living typically means more outdoor R&R, so some tiny houses save space for other things by leaving out a living room. Not the Ever Growing Tiny, a Cody Bartz design built by Zack Giffin and Glenmark Construction for Tiny House Nation. This 28-foot house basically has three cozy living rooms: one occupying the front of the first floor, one in a sizable loft directly above that, and a smaller space next to the bathroom at the other end. Technically, the aft nook is a music room / guest room, and the loft is a (really comfortable looking) home office. But that’s still an awful lot of living and lounging space in 330 total square feet! Too much? Well, the Ever Growing’s owners, Ashleigh and Cody are Wisconsinites, and those Wisconsin winters are going to necessitate a certain amount of indoor time. Besides, the Tiny House Nation team managed to fit it all in without shrinking the other rooms too much; there’s adequate cabinet and counter space in the galley kitchen, a full-size bathtub and washer/dryer in the bathroom, and a reasonably roomy bedroom loft above that. They also added a faux-stone-backed three-tier wall garden complete with a drip system and LED lighting. As well as giving the house its name, the garden will provide some welcome greenery during the months of ice and snow.

Images © Ashleigh & Cody Bartz

h/t Tiny Living


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