Chilean Prefab Home Delivers Minimalist Living At A Reasonable Price

Simple, spacious, sturdy and even stylish – what more could you ask for in a prefabricated house like this? How about cheap? At around $19,000, Chilean firm FabriHome’s 226-square-foot Refugio model is all of the above. Most of the space is devoted to one large room holding the bed and kitchen area. There’s a huge floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall window at one end, and a compact but modern bathroom at the other. The steel-framed structure is complemented by a wooden deck almost the same size. Two Refugios can be combined for more room, and FabriHome also makes a 710-square-foot Casa model for those who want something larger.

Refugio 1




Refugio 2

Refugio 3

Refugio 4

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