Compromise is key in Tumbleweed’s two-bedroom THOW

Tumbleweed’s 2016 vintage Farallon is built over their Low-Wider Trailer and comes in lengths of 20 and 26 feet and a few different floor plans. Seen here is the 26 Alta. It has an attractive charcoal gray metal roof that wraps around over two sides and is punctuated by enough windows and skylights to keep things much brighter inside than you’d expect from the dark-toned silhouette. The natural light and the 10-foot ceiling help the house feel a little bigger than it is, but can’t completely hide the fact that 190 square feet isn’t a whole lot of space in which to fit a living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom on the same floor. Since there’s also a full-sized sleeping loft, the 26 Alta basically has two whole bedrooms, which is great in a way, but does involve some compromises. For example, there’s a considerable amount of clutter from shelves, cabinets and a closet along the sides of the open-plan living area/kitchen. And while Tumbleweed has managed to fit in a washer/dryer, it’s right in the middle – something of an eyesore and a possible annoyance during meals or TV time. Then too, at a shade under three feet deep, the bathroom beyond the downstairs bedroom seems like it might be uncomfortably small in actual use. This is one design that’s going to depend a lot on the buyer. Many people will no doubt prefer something with a higher livability factor, but those with a real need for a two-bedroom THOW will really appreciate Tumbleweed’s ingenuity in making everything fit as well as it does.

Farallon 20 Alta 1

Farallon 20 Alta 2

Farallon 20 Alta 3

Farallon 20 Alta 4

Farallon 20 Alta 5

Farallon 20 Alta 6

Farallon 20 Alta 7

Farallon 20 Alta 9

Farallon 26 Alta 1

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