This Group of Friends Made The Perfect Exit Strategy – A Tiny House Vacation Village

For a lot of us, getting older brings with it a distance between some of your friendships. Getting married, having kids, or moving farther away are just a few of the things that make maintaining those friendships tough. But for this group, there was a solution. They bought some land and built some cabins – four tiny ones to be exact.


Dubbed the Llano Exit Strategy, it’s a strategy we should all take into consideration. This group had 20 years friendship and to make sure it extended after one weekend of vacationing in Llano, just out side of Austin. They were hooked.


It’s a neat arrangement. After snatching up the land, they needed to figure out how to build their village, because that’s what it really is. The single units are 400 square feet, and cost $40k each. There’s a 1,500 square foot common area that includes the kitchen and living room area with entertainment.


The design was inspired by architect Matt Garcia who helped with the planning and layout. The aesthetic is a sort of industrial/rustic combination, blending that corrugated sheathing with barely treated wood walls that show off the knots and grain. They paid attention to sustainability as well, aiming for a passive, low impact buildings. They used spray foam for the insulation and there’s a water basin for collecting rainwater. And let’s not forget the ultimate reason for this project – the attachment to its natural surroundings.









If you’re interested in renting one of these cabins you can visit their Homeaway page

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    • I think for now this is more like their vacation getaway, and it seems like they rent them out as well. Probably makes a nice supplemental income to help pay for any building expenses, maybe even turn a profit depending on things.

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