Frontier Fortress resurfaces with a stunning artist’s studio

Wyoming builder Noah Hedges cut his teeth on log cabins, then branched off from there when he founded his own tiny house company, Frontier Fortress, a couple of years ago. The houses would still be timber framed, with a robust modular post and beam design based on Timberlinx-fastened 8×8 fir and pine logs. The walls, though, would be conventional 2×6 in-fill panels. Noah envisioned a line of customizable two-story houses, with kitchen and bathroom facilities downstairs and lots of room in the upper level for a bedroom or office. He’d gotten started on the first one, a 10×12 unit called the Tie-hack Fort, but then dropped off our radar, with the company website going dead. But apparently Noah hadn’t gone out of business; the photos below show an artist’s studio that looks a lot like a finished version of the Tie-hack Fort. It’s sans kitchen (although it does have a big metal sink for washing up), with ornately decorative walls and ceilings, and has got us hoping to see more of the models Noah predicted back when Frontier Fortress was getting off the ground.

Frontier Fortress 1 Frontier Fortress 2

Frontier Fortress 4

Frontier Fortress 5

Frontier Fortress 3

h/t Tiny House Blog

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