“Fy Nyth” Offers Mortgage-Free Living For This Young Woman

The name is Welsh for “my nest”, but it’s located in the mountains of Jackson, Wyoming, rather than the valleys of Wales, and its owner is a young woman from Pennsylvania. Ariel McGlothin moved west several years ago at the age of 20 and recently moved into this Tumbleweed Fencl built by the Shed Yard in Colorado. (They’ve been building Tumbleweeds for the last couple of years as a sideline to their main business of putting up outbuildings such as sheds, garages, and gazebos.)

For Ariel, a tiny house was a very practical choice – she explains in her blog that while there’s a lot of work to be had around Jackson, there just aren’t many affordable places to live. Instead of spending most of her income on rent, she decided to take out a loan and get a house that she’ll soon own free and clear. She also loves the solitude of mountain living and appreciates the mobility of a house on wheels, even though she has no plans to leave the area anytime soon.


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fy-nyth-15h/t Tiny House Swoon

It’s easy to see why the Tumbleweed models are so popular, as they allow plenty of flexibility to customize the design to your liking while retaining a classy look. Check out Ariel’s blog to learn more about her build and follow her journey, http://fynyth.blogspot.com/

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