Handcrafted Movement’s Pacific Pioneer

About a year ago, we titled our article on a Handcrafted Movement’s first build Handcrafted Movement saves the best for first. Yes, we loved it so much we honestly couldn’t see how Matt Impola’s Portland-area company was ever going to top it. OK, we were wrong, because they just keep getting better. They’ve just finished work on a new model called the Pacific Pioneer, and it’s simply amazing. At 28 feet it’s a sizable (though hardly gigantic) THOW, but for the space and features inside you could easily mistake it for a park model with another ten feet of length. Look through the photos. Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in this $77,000 house, you’ll find something else new and wonderful.

The understated exterior displays cedar-accented board & batten siding atop a triple axle PAD Trailer.

Living room, kitchen, and a loft over the bathroom. Standard issue layout?

Not quite. There’s a first-floor bedroom on the other end!

Louver doors keep it private, and there’s another ladder-accessible loft above it.

The Samsung TV on top of the electric fireplace swivels in any direction – you can even watch it in bed!

The bed has space to walk around it and storage underneath it.

A long walnut butcher block kitchen counter ends in a full-size oven.

The built-in dining table. Notice how they fit a small clothes closet behind the refrigerator!

The bathroom: elegant circular mirror, vanity sink, shelves…

…flush toilet…

…36×34 shower…

…and even a place for the washer/dryer, complete with water, drainage and electrical hookups ready to go!

Two big lofts would normally count as a lot of sleeping space. Just don’t forget there’s another bedroom below!

h/t Tiny House Talk


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