Handcrafted Movement refines a great design and cuts $15K from the sticker price

If you saw their excellent (and expensive) Urban Craftsman, you’ll have no trouble recognizing the Tiny Getaway as another Handcrafted Movement build. The details may be different, but from the façade to the floor plan this is very close to a carbon copy. The Tiny Getaway is a 26-footer just like the Urban Craftsman, and there’s still an entryway living room under a storage loft beside a picture window; a central kitchen/dining area with lovely oak-and-walnut countertops; and a stair-accessed sleeping loft above a spacious bathroom at the end.

In fact, the biggest difference may be the price: $15,000 in favor of the Tiny Getaway, which is for sale at $72,000 against the Urban Craftsman’s $87,000. One glance at the photos below will convince you that Handcrafted Movement didn’t squeeze the savings out of the finish work, which is still every bit as beautiful as we’ve come to expect from this outfit. The absence of a bathtub and a flat screen TV are a couple of obvious cost-savers… can you find any others?

Wonderful woodwork is one of Handcrafted Movement’s signatures.

The open stairs are new in the Tiny Getaway, and they go over a small study desk instead of the refrigerator. Both the treads and the desk are beautiful pieces of wood, no?

Unlike the Urban Craftsman, this house doesn’t have a loft skylight, but three big windows keep the bedroom bright and open.

The bathroom doubles as the laundry room thanks to a 2.3-cubic-foot LG washer/dryer.

Maybe not as impressive as the Urban Craftsman’s bathtub, but at 36×36 the fiberglass shower stall is still pretty big by tiny house standards.

h/t Tiny House Talk

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