Hannah’s RV reincarnation

College student Hannah and her father, Mike, finished this 300-square-foot house in about six months, relatively speedy for an owner-built project. It turns out that they had a bit of a head start: this THOW started life as an RV. While Hannah and Mike did a pretty thorough tear-down-and-rebuild, they were able to keep the original frame, along with the slide outs. (If you’d like to learn more, their blog has lots of pictures of how they did it.)

The slide-out makes for an unusually expansive living room.

At 27 feet, the house has plenty of depth, too; beyond the kitchen, it just keeps going, so there’s room for a semi-private sleeping loft, the bathroom, and even a small study area in another slide-out next to it.

The appliances, like the washing machine kept out of the way under the stairs, belonged to the original RV.

A double sink makes for an exceptionally usable kitchen area.

The shower, sink and toilet in the bathroom are currently served by standard RV water and sewer connections, but Hannah and Mike included provisions for a water-catchment system and composting toilet (as well as solar power) for easy conversion to off-grid capability in the future.

h/t Tiny House Talk

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