Harvard’s Millenial Lab Unveils Their Second Tiny House

We recently showed you the first design from Harvard’s Millenial Lab, and today you get to see the second in a series of tiny homes they’re working on. The Millenial Lab was conceived to address a younger generation’s desire to live a less restrictive, more conscientious life that strays beyond the boundaries of the traditional American housing structure. Their first home was dubbed “Ovida” and this one is called “Lorraine”.


“A fiercely independent woman, Lorraine was the Grandmother we looked up to with inspired admiration.  Always a class act, we never saw her on a bad day.  She was constantly composed, and we clung to her every word – just waiting for her sly sense of humor to slip through.  Lorraine was the kind of woman one wanted to make proud, so we hope she’s looking down with pride at our newest cabin The Lorraine.”







Images © Getaway House

Both the Lorraine and Ovida are available for rent, and located in New Hampshire. They plan to build two more tiny homes, which will be placed in other geographic areas so more people can experience the tiny life firsthand. For more information visit http://getaway.house/lorraine/

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