Hip 279sf Cottage With A Mediterranean Beach Vibe

French outfit Louisiane Residences Mobiles has an ingenious design for a very complete single-story tiny house. Their Méditerranée Grand Air manages to pack two bedrooms, a living/cooking/dining area, and a full (albeit split) bathroom into less than 300 square feet. It’s true that there’s not much room to move around inside, but the glass wall on one side gives a feeling of spaciousness and opens onto a nice covered porch that adds almost 90 square feet to the useable area. Aesthetically, the Méditerranée Grand Air is sort of an update on classic beach bungalow style, instantly recognizable in outline but with modern appliances and a lot more glass and stainless steel than you’d find in a 1950s original.





Grand-Air-Mediterranee-Tiny-Home-005-600x348 Grand-Air-Mediterranee-Tiny-Home-006-600x424

h/t Tiny House Talk

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