Inside Canada’s Most Famous Little House

While most of the homes we feature were built in recent years, it’s worth remembering that once upon a time people didn’t live in huge McMansions. In fact, the average home size has steadily been increasing over the past four decades since 1973 when records began, and if we go back to the early 20th century, you’ll find it was quite common for families to live in even smaller spaces. Case in point, this home in Toronto which was built in 1912 by Arthur Weeden, who migrated from Britain in 1902. His home represents one of the oldest and possibly most famous tiny houses in the world, with a fanbase that even includes Ellen Degeneres.

The original lot was meant for a laneway for a neighboring house but it was never developed so Arthur decided to build a tiny house there instead. He would go on to spend 26 years in the home, sharing it with his wife for much of that time. The home looks mighty small compared to its neighbors and measures just 7′ wide and 47′ deep, with 312-square-feet of living space inside. It was sold in 2007 for $135,000 and the couple who bought it decided to completely renovate it and put it back on the market, where it sold again for $179,000.










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