Inside Mini Mansion’s 240sf “Chic Shack”

Sure, Chic Shack is a catchy name, but does it really fit this first effort from Missouri-based Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders? A vinyl-and-galvanized-metal exterior and an interior that’s composed of off-the-shelf wainscoting and some pretty ordinary-looking cabinets may not be your definition of chic; on the other hand, this thing’s too well-built and too well-equipped to be any kind of a shack. Constructed on top of a sturdy 8×20.5 trailer with half-inch bolts at critical locations, hurricane strap reinforcement for the 2×4 studs, and hurricane ties securing the 2×6 roof trusses, this tiny house is rock solid and likely to stay that way for a long time.

Chic Shack 1

Chic Shack 2

Chic Shack 3

Chic Shack 4

Chic Shack 5

Chic Shack 6

h/t Tiny House Talk

Tucked away inside its 160 square feet (240 if you count the dual lofts) are creature comforts like a full-size sink and refrigerator in the kitchen; a toilet and 36” shower stall in the bathroom; king and twin beds in the lofts; and a five-foot couch, flat-screen TV and glass electric fireplace in the living area. Climate control comes courtesy of electric baseboard heat, an air conditioner and a ceiling fan. Does it fit the description of a shack? Definitely not, and it makes a heck of a good deal for whoever got it at $32,900. (If it wasn’t you, don’t worry – Mini Mansions is currently putting the finishing touches on an improved yellow version priced at $34,900.)

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