Janet’s Nostalgia Cottage: a smaller wide load from TPCC

Janet Thome is a sales rep who really believes in her product, that being Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins built by Dave Bates in Spirit Lake, Idaho. She has two of them for rent at her Hearthouse Tiny House Village in Marlin (which is quite literally the tiniest town in Washington State). This, the Nostalgia Cottage, is now one of them, although she and Dave originally designed it as her personal residence. At 252 square feet it’s nowhere near as big as TPCC’s Urban Cabin, but like that model it does qualify as a wide load (10 feet wide, in this case) and requires state permits when it goes on the road. The permits aren’t that expensive or hard to get, though, and Janet says the extra width is well worth it, especially in the bathroom, where it leaves room for a full-size bathtub, washer and dryer. Base price for the Nostalgia is $35,000, while getting a unit with all the appliances and heating upgrades could raise the cost by another $10,000 or so.









h/t Tiny House Talk

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