Minimalist design, maximum space in the Kerns Micro House

The Kerns Micro House from Fieldwork Design & Architecture is a Portland-legal accessory dwelling unit with 250 very uncluttered square feet of living space. It’s very nicely finished, but pretty much completely devoid of homey embellishments; depending on your perspective, you could call it either minimalist or Spartan. The distinctively dark stained vertical fir siding and cubical shape make it look almost like a cage or a prison cell from the outside, and there’s not a lot more coziness to be had once you step through the door. There is, however, a feeling of spaciousness that’s uncommon in a house this size, thanks to a high ceiling and an innovative section that functions as a 3-in-1 work/relax/sleep combo. You can spend your workday at a bench in front of a fold-out desk; your evening sitting on the sofa while using the bench as a coffee table; and your night sleeping in the Murphy bed that now covers the sofa – all in the same room! Then there’s a roomy kitchen with huge Oregon white oak cabinets. Probably not everyone could feel at home in a space like this, but for the true minimalist it should fit the bill just fine. (Speaking of the bill, this custom build came in at $100,000.)

Kerns Micro House 1

Kerns Micro House 7

Kerns Micro House 2

Kerns Micro House 3

Kerns Micro House 4

Kerns Micro House 5

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