A concrete cube you can move: Kodasema’s KODA

Concrete is a wonderful building material, strong and durable, but concrete structures aren’t really known for being easy to move around. Have you ever seen a concrete tiny house on wheels? Didn’t think so, and you’re not going to here. What you do see is the KODA, a practical, portable concrete prefab from Estonian designers Kodasema. The 215-square-foot cube is made of precast concrete and can be put up or taken down in one eight-hour shift, lunch break included. A flatbed truck is necessary to transport it, of course, but it’s completely freestanding and doesn’t require a foundation, so it can be set up just about anywhere. The KODA is also designed to be very energy efficient: the concrete components are vacuum-insulated and the glass wall is quadruple-glazed. There are solar panels on the roof, which Kodasema says often generate more power than the KODA consumes, but it’s not designed primarily as an off-gird house, so it does include water, sewer, and electrical hookups as well. Because of the all-glass front, you can see just about everything that’s inside – living area, kitchen, sleeping loft – but not quite: there’s also a small bathroom tucked away behind the kitchen facilities.






h/t Curbed

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