Graduate’s tiny house goes on display in a Minnesota town

Already picturesque Lanesboro, Minnesota, was recently a little more so as Kylie Osterhus displayed her 260-square-foot tiny house on wheels in front of the historic St. Mane Theatre. Kylie had just graduated from college and just completed work on her soon-to-be home and wanted to share her experience with others. House tours were accompanied by panel discussions and a screening of Small is Beautiful inside the theater. Kylie bought the THOW as a shell and then spent about a year and a half finishing it with the help of her mother and father. She cites student debt as her primary motivation for going tiny, but also mentions the smaller environmental footprint as a plus. And she notes that the house is anyway a step up from a dorm room in terms of amenities and privacy: It has its own kitchen and bathroom, and the bed is in a separate room on the upper floor instead of studio-style. Klyie’s planning to move in with her boyfriend and cat as soon as she finds a more permanent parking space.

Kylie Osterhus 1

Kylie Osterhus 2

Kylie Osterhus 3

Kylie Osterhus 4

Kylie Osterhus 5

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