L41 Prefab Home Shows Off 220sf Modern Sustainable Design

This compact, boxy house garnered a lot of attention when it was displayed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The basic 220-square-foot L41 was modular for easy expansion, and a couple of slightly larger units were also envisioned. Artist Janet Corne and architect Michael Katz designed it as a sustainable, energy efficient, and inexpensive dwelling. It was built from renewable cross-laminated timber; featured a green roof, solar heating, and triple-glazed windows; and was to be priced at a very reasonable $50,000 for the complete unit. Katz’s website compares it to both the Ford Model T (for its mass production potential) and the Tata Nano (for its affordability).






Sadly, it seems that the L41 never went into production; however, its own website is up and running again, so you can learn more there.


h/t Jetson Green

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