French Gypsy Wagon Offers Peaceful And Luxurious Country Escape

A note on terminology: To play roulette you go to Las Vegas; to stay in a roulotte you go to France, in this case to Auvergne. It’s the French version of a gypsy wagon, and La Grande Serve resort has a couple of them on offer. The senior of them, Paris, rests under an apple tree while its occupants rest in its oversized bed or one of its well-stuffed armchairs. The slightly smaller but more private Cognac has an even larger bed as well as a hammock outside. Both have small kitchens with gas stoves and refrigerators, and there’s a more fully-featured shared kitchen elsewhere in the resort. Each roulotte has a modern private bathroom camouflaged behind hay bales in an old barn. Prices are reasonable at around €100 (£75/$115), and you can book through Canopy & Stars.








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