From Normandy, France – The Cozy Appalache By La Tiny

Pardon our French and sorry to disappoint the Angelenos in the audience, but that’s not LA Tiny House, it’s La Tiny House – as in, the 1er constructeur Français de Tiny Houses. They’re based in Normandy and make a whole range of THOWs from €24,000 ($27,000), with 15 builds under their belt so far, including this pleasant and roomy Tiny Appalache model. A very high ceiling gives space for two full-size sleeping lofts, one of which has stairs that can be retracted out of the way with an unusual pulley system. Since there’s also a wide couch, three-seat dining table and basic-but-complete kitchen and bathroom facilities it’s easy to imagine this as either a family home or a nice place for a weekend getaway with friends.

La Tiny 1

La Tiny 2

La Tiny 3

La Tiny 5

La Tiny 6

h/t Tiny House Talk

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