Loaded, livable, low-cost THOW with solid SIP construction

We recently profiled a beautiful $87,000 “luxury tiny home” from Handcrafted Movement. This 28-footer, built of structural insulated panels (SIPs) in Tennessee and last sold in New Jersey in 2017, is on the other end of the spectrum. It went for just $30,000 and has none of the detailed interior decoration of the Urban Craftsman – but aside from a sheet metal shower stall in place of a bathtub, it’s got just about as much practical functionality. Propane range and water heater? Check. Electric heater? Check, plus a Dickinson propane burner for when things get really cold (and with R values as high as you get from SIPs, you could probably overwinter in Alaska and not feel a chill). Washer/dryer? Flat screen TV? Air con? Check, check check. And it comes with a couch, king size mattress, and burlap blackout curtains for its 16 windows if you ever want to sleep in some sunny morning. Nothing fancy about the finish, but with reclaimed barn wood on the outside and beetle kill pine for the interior, it’s a quite pleasant sort of plainness.

It’s great to have choices, and as the tiny house movement expands we’re getting more and more of them. High-end models like the Urban Craftsman or Tiny Heirloom’s Tiny Adventure House might attract more than their share of attention (and occasional opprobrium for their prices), but it’s good to remember that there are still a lot of very livable lower costs options like this one out there as well.







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