A tiny glamper with a luxuriously open arched loft

Mark Burton of Tiny House UK (and Custom Built in Surrey, which does bespoke garden cabins) just finished showing off this great little trailer at the 2016 edition of The Glamping Show. No doubt it would be great for glamping anywhere with a halfway decent view outside the huge windows of the arched sleeping loft. There aren’t many tiny house lofts that look this nice for sleeping and lounging in; that’s definitely the main attraction of the place, and it’s not hard to see why Mark calls it the Lumber Loft. But once you get downstairs (actually a ladder) you find that the ground floor’s a perfectly pleasant and comfortable small space too. You can do a little cooking in the kitchenette, the bathroom is big enough and well finished, and there’s a sitting area just inside the door. Some people might even like the Lumber Loft as a fulltime home, and most everybody else would be happy to spend a few vacation days inside.



lumber-loft-3 lumber-loft-6

lumber-loft-5 lumber-loft-4


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