Matt and Kelsey’s two-bedroom tiny

Merriam-Webster calls arm’s length “a distance discouraging personal contact or familiarity,” but connotations aside, arm’s length isn’t really all that far – and you’d think a couple planning to live in a tiny house together would be looking forward to the more literal interpretation of the term. Turns out that for Matt and Kelsey it’s a little bit of both. They’re all set to enjoy the intimacy and closeness of tiny house living – but they’ll be doing it from separate loft bedrooms on either end of their new 300-square-foot wheeled home. (Less startlingly, they’ll also have separate work desks that pull out from the storage stairs leading to Kelsey’s bedroom.) The house debuted on FYI’s Tiny House Nation and obviously presented some unaccustomed challenges for the design team. Besides the requirement for two full-size sleeping lofts, Kelsey needed stairs due to back issues. That does take up space, but since that space also contains the desk, a coat closet, and other storage, it’s at least a multifunctional one. Fold-outs have also been used for the table and seating in the small, self-contained living room. The kitchen in the middle is small but (except for the lack of overhead cabinets) functionally adequate, with under-counter placement of a small convection oven and mini-fridge saving countertop space. In fact, the only part of the house that’s truly cramped is the bathroom, where a washer/dryer competes for real estate with the toilet, sink, shower stall – and whoever’s trying to use those facilities at the moment.







h/t Tiny House Talk

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