With The Kids Gone, She Built The “Empty Nest” She Always Wanted

Back in 2013, Michelle Jonice was trying to Decide Where to Go. Her youngest would be graduating from high school soon, so she didn’t need a large house. She lusted after a late-model Airstream, but chronic unemployment and two divorces had left her without much in the way of savings, and one place she didn’t want to go was into debt. That’s when she resolved to build and finish her own tiny house by the end of 2016. As it turned out, that was more time than she needed: after 15 months of devoting every bit of free time and spare cash to the project, she was able to declare her Empty Nest finished just in time for Thanksgiving of 2015.

My Empty Nest 8

My Empty Nest 5

My Empty Nest 3

My Empty Nest 4

My Empty Nest 2

My Empty Nest 7

My Empty Nest 6

My Empty Nest 1

h/t Tiny House Talk

And a very well-feathered nest it is. A substantial kitchen complete with a full-size sink and refrigerator and a four-burner oven takes up one end, a roomy bathroom with a shower and composting toilet the other. In the middle there’s a sitting area that – while by no means large – looks completely homelike thanks to a couple of comfy armchairs and a vintage wood side table. The wide sleeping loft, which houses a futon bed, is reached by stairs that double as cabinets, and a smaller storage loft on the other side is accessible via ladder.

2017 update: Michelle has successfully made the not-always-easy transition to tiny living and “full-time-working-from-home status”. Check out her blog for more details!

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