One Minim, Many Variations. A Peek At Other Minim Homes Around The Country.

The Minim Home is one of the most popular designs, and for good reason. With its sleek and modern appearance and smart use of space, it represents one of the most innovative tiny houses ever built, and as a result it garnered awards for its sustainable design. When the original build hit the scene a few years ago it became an overnight sensation, and people immediately asked about plans to build their own. Minim Homes delivered, and today people have used their plans to construct dozens of Minim homes across the country. They just recently mapped the locations of other Minims on their blog.

Let’s take a look at some of the variations people have built.

The Original

The first version can be found on a small plot of land owned by Bryan Levy in Washington DC, where several tiny house owners shared the space in 2012 (they have since disbanded). Some of the features that make the Minim unique include:

  • SIP panels for the construction
  • A slide-out bed instead of a loft
  • 11′ wide for extra living space (as opposed to the usual 8′ tiny house on wheels)
  • Modular table with pneumatic pump for height
  • Pull-down projection screen

Minim House - 18

A pull down shade for the windows doubles as a big screen

Minim House - 13


As part of a collaboration between Council Fire, a world class sustainability consultancy and Key School, more than 50 students helped build this Minim over the course of a few months as part of their Student Sustainability Lab. Their finished product is an exact replica of the original design, which they plan to take on a tour.



Tim and Shannon

This couple made the decision to go tiny and appeared on FYI’s “Tiny House Nation”. They ended up building a Minim Home, opting for a more traditional clapboard siding.



Shannon added a pole in their Minim, which she puts to good use. As an added touch, it can be removed for convenience. Notice the projector in the top right corner.


Possessions serve as decorations, adding their own sense of style to the interior.


Their Minim features a more rustic kitchen space, with cabinets instead of open shelving, and a kitchen island for dining that also has a built-in dog crate.



Ethan and Jamie

This couple just finished building their Minim in Massachusetts. We don’t know much about this build, but you can see how they make it unique with different siding and flooring choices.




We’re excited to see more Minims in the future, and hope to share new examples as they pop up. With the announcement of their factory, it seems like demand is growing and they will be able to offer pre-made shells. For more information on Minim, check out their website at


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