Minimalist Country Home Built From A Recycled Barn

Positioned in the remote Czech Republic countryside alongside centuries old ruins of buildings that have long since crumbled you’ll find this interesting project. They call it the “Conceptual” house because of it’s experimental approach toward both construction and positioning. Their aim was to keep costs as low as possible by using local and recycled materials, and they chose the setting among the fragments of an old barn to create a sort of open courtyard feeling around the home.


“We call the project “conceptual” as we used and continue using this building as an experimental area, which we verify some architectonical and spatial principals on”

conceptual-labor-13-6h/t Inhabitat

The layout was designed to be open and rough-hewn, with a minimalist approach that’s evident in the untreated wood, crude shelving, and simple decor. The project is ongoing and they plan to add solar panels, a well, and a sewage disposal system in the near future.


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