A compact off-grid THOW with MitchCraft’s signature style

Mitch’s own house is just 18 feet long, and for the most part he’s stuck to relatively small footprints when building for others as MitchCraft Tiny Homes. His latest is a 22-foot THOW in an attractive Western rustic style. Aside from looking great, it’s filled with enough functionality to remind everyone that you don’t really need 30+ feet of house to live comfortably – and it’s also fully off-grid capable, with a composting toilet, a 70-gallon fresh water tank, and rooftop solar panels feeding power to an eight-battery energy storage array. The price was a fairly hefty $79K, but remember that’s fully finished and includes the solar system, a wood stove, and appliances such as a fridge/freezer and washer/dryer. Mitch says a more standard turnkey build of this size would be around $63,000, and if you can do the interior finish work yourself you can get a 22-foot MitchCraft for about $32,000.

“Davis’s 22 ft Off-Grid Tiny Home” also includes an integrated deck that folds flush against the rear end during transport.

The comfortable living area features a wood stove across from a built-in sofa bed; the house can sleep up to four.

The chair is positioned under a very multi-functional counter that’s food prep area, dining table, and workspace all rolled into one.

The kitchenette isn’t large, but with cabinets on both sides it certainly has plenty of storage space.

This is also where you’ll find the washer/dryer.

The bathroom shows off a stainless steel shower and a copper pail sink above a medicine cabinet shrouded by some of Mitch’s trademark burlap sacking.

The loft’s big enough, bright enough, and – thanks to the storage cubby between it and the lower level – fairly private, too.

h/t New Atlas

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