Mitchcraft Tiny Homes Debuts With A Thoughtful, Stylish Design

This is the personal house – and first build – of a Fort Collins, Colorado, resident who’s now going into the tiny house business as MitchCraft Tiny Homes. From the photos it looks like he’s off to a great start:

MitchCraft 1

MitchCraft 2

MitchCraft 3

MitchCraft 4

MitchCraft 5

MitchCraft 6

MitchCraft 7

MitchCraft 8

MitchCraft 9

The house, which he designed himself, sits atop an 18-foot trailer and features beautifully finished wood almost all over, which makes an especially warm combination with the exposed copper pipes inside. As for the ‘almost’, some parts of the interior walls are covered in – burlap? An unusual choice, and one that would probably look horrible if applied injudiciously, but once again it’s something that’s very well balanced with the predominant wood. Mr. MitchCraft obviously has a great eye for naturalistic style, and we’re very much looking forward to his first commissioned work.

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