Molecule Craftsman Includes Two Lofts And Plenty Of High End Design Finishes

The Craftsman bungalow from Molecule Tiny Homes of Santa Cruz, CA, manages to pack two separate sleeping lofts onto one 8.5×20-foot trailer. As Molecule’s premium offering, it costs a bit more than most of their houses – $100,000 versus $20-80 thousand – but it comes with a number of upgraded features that more than justify the added expense. No expense was spared in the usage of high quality materials and quality construction methods. The Craftsman includes a fold-out porch of old-growth redwood, shake roof and siding, cork floors and carpeted lofts, 22 double-paned windows and R-tech polystyrene foam board insulation, a flush toilet and hot water shower, a four-burner stainless steel oven, and even a garbage disposal.

With its subtle curves, pop of color, and attention to detail, the exterior of the Craftsman sure is classy looking.


Inside they make the most of a small space, and use traditional colonial/craftsman design finishes. 



Little details like the checkered tile strip and removable cutting board covering the sink help this design really stand out.




The lofts are each spacious – 8×10 and 8×8.







The bathroom forgoes a sink, opting to use the kitchen sink instead, which leaves a bit of extra space for a nicely tiled standing shower.



For more information visit Molecule Tiny Homes and check out their Facebook page for the latest updates.

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