This Musician’s Tiny Home Serves As The Instrument To Living A Meaningful Life

Aldo Lavaggi, a fiddler in upstate New York, built himself a tiny house during 2011 and kept a blog about the process and his thoughts on tiny living. He hasn’t updated the blog for a while, but he’s still living in the house, which is parked in the middle of a bucolic sheep pasture. Aldo also continues to spread the tiny house gospel, giving interviews about his experience and philosophy to everyone from Portland Alternative Dwellings to Bloomberg. One thing he loves about it is that the low cost allows him to support himself on his limited earnings as a music teacher; another is how much closer to nature he feels.

The interior is every bit as rustic and homey as you’d expect, and there’s very little that’s brand new.


We love the triangular windows that let sunlight spill in.



Rustic DIY design touches like this stick serving as a support post are scattered throughout the home.


On the outside, though, the Gold Thread is fully weatherproofed and capable of standing up to harsh winters.





A sleeping loft with a pull-up ladder makes the most of 105 square feet.


“I do take pride knowing that i built it with my own hands, and though not perfect by any stretch, think is certainly good enough. Sometimes, pulling into my driveway at night, i wonder if it is actually real or just all a romantic dream.”

The economic freedom it provides is just one benefit, and being closer to nature helps keep him connected with his surroundings. With less pressure to slave away in an office to make enough money to live he finds time to do things he couldn’t, like dedicating ten hours each week to teaching kids at the local Waldorf school. With a mortgage-free home situated in a beautiful setting, and a solid community of friends and neighbors nearby, there’s not much missing, is there? It seems like Aldo has it all figured out, and we can understand why.

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