THC’s ultra-traditional Nixie has a big surprise in the bathroom

The Nixie is a little shorter than Tiny House Chattanooga’s previous models, so it loses some cabinet space in the kitchen and lacks a laundry alcove between the kitchen and the bathroom. And the doors here are on the end rather than the side. Other than that, THC has stuck with their sensible standard floor plan of a living area followed by storage stairs leading to a sleeping loft above the kitchen and bathroom. Living space is still quite adequate downstairs, and the loft is deep enough to be useful for more than just bedtime. A dark leather sofa, rugs, and a tiled bathroom contribute to a charmingly traditional interior design concept.







The one real peculiarity to the Nixie is the location of the washer/dryer: it’s in the bathroom, hanging over the bathtub. That looks kind of bizarre, but there’s room to slide your legs under it if you want a soak, and it’s still possible to take an unhampered shower in the other half of the tub. You might have to live with the setup for a while to figure out how well it works in practice, but it’s at least an interesting idea…

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