One+ Homes Joins Scandinavian Style With Affordable Modular Design

Scandinavian homes never fail to impress, with their distinctive style that blends rustic minimalism and usable space. This modular concept home is no exception. Made by Add-a-Room, this sustainable little home is built with local materials and is offered in a variety of sizes, from mini to small. The one shown here is among the smallest models, at just 9′ x 10′ in size. The homes are built by Scandinavian carpenters and delivered in one piece, ready to use. Customers have their choice of various add-ons as well, like a deck and a roof overhang. Inside they come complete with a bathroom, shower, wardrobe and a tiny kitchen space. Since the designs are modular it means you can easily add a second or third unit down the road, effectively doubling or tripling the living space to fit your needs.  The total cost for the basic model comes in around $27k USD for a basic unit and rises to somewhere around $40k for the much larger one.







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